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MSMK Training was first established in 2014 to meet the stringent demands of UK engineering firms within the steel industry, operating a UKAS certified laboratory to conduct weld inspection, testing and certification; and helping businesses to achieve their objectives through consultancy and training. We understand from first-hand experience how important it is to ensure that legislative and specific customer requirements are met and exceeded, and strive to ensure yours can be a brand trusted by your customers, are we are by ours.


MSMK Training works within the confines of ISO standards 17020:2012 / 17024:2012 and ISO 17025:2017 for the purpose of ensuring objectivity, credibility and professionalism within its' operating procedures. 

MSMK Training understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities; and has procedures in place to actively to identify and manage any potential scenarios where the integrity of its operations might be impacted by conflicts of interest. We strive for the most objective methodology permissible in our certification operations, which we continue to review and improve on an ongoing basis.

More information on our approach to impartiality and conflicts of interest can be found here.

Any person or entity who has concerns that these standards have not been observed or have been fulfilled to an insufficient standard is invited to help us review our approach using our Complaints and Appeals process. The document found here outlines our process and includes forms to notify us of specific concerns which will be reviewed with an unaffiliated third party Quality Manager.


Vasyl Kruk

As a Certified European Welding Engineer, Vasyl Kruk draws from years of industry honed expertise to deliver a service which is consistent, dependable and professional.

With past experience as a production manager, Vasyl has made a career of improving engineering standards from welder training, to implementing strategic changes which have driven significant improvements in the quality and consistency of engineered outputs.

His experience in metallurgy, visual inspection, non-destructive testing and destructive testing has proven invaluable towards the development of his team and other businesses in the past.


Now, as the Managing Director of MSMK Training Vasyl and his colleagues are here to work alongside your business to offer the expertise and service required for success within your industry.

Managing Director


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