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Welding Consultancy

Welding Consultancy

Tender for new engineering sectors
Tender for new sectors with confidence as you draw from MSMK Training's industry expertise

Numbers of different Welding Standards and Codes like BS EN 15614-1/2, AWS D1.1, ASME 9, GL, NORSOK, EEMUA 158 , MOD 03-34, TOTAL , BP, SHELL  available for fabrication and welding of different products in different industries And we can review them all, suggest the best Welding Procedure and Welding method for your requirement,  prepare all welding documentation for your project. 


Qualify all necessary Welding procedures, create a Weld Maps and Weld Register Database, perform all types of Destructive and Nondestructive testing to satisfy your client.


Estimate the Welding time and consumables usage.  If your company does not have a Welding Management system in place,  we can do it for you.

We can resolve your issues with welding, perform failure investigation, offer the best solution with welding defects or welder skills.



It is mandatory requirements to have Responsible Welding Coordinator within your business if you aiming to achieve ISO 1090 / BS EN 3834 / BS EN 15085 Accreditation and move your business to the next quality  and credibility level . With our Certified European Welding Engineer we can help you to get your company accredited, improve welding quality in you company.

We understand the pressures of stringent quality criteria and the disharmony this can create between departments. As your welding consultancy partner we can deliver tailored training packages to promote effective communication regarding welding faults and their causes. Contact us about our Welding Theory Course for managers and quality professionals.

We offer on-site assessments of welder capability, environmental factors and equipment suitability. Contact us to discuss any issues you may be facing or opportunities on the horizon and we will help you prepare your business to achieve your quality management ambitions.

Responsible Welding Coordinator 

( RWC )

On-Site Assessments

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