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Welder Training | Beginner | Advanced | Expert

Multi run pipe welding

Worldwide Delivery

We excel in individual or group training sessions designed to up-skill existing staff in new welding procedures and material use. We have completed training on sites around the world, including mainland Europe and UAE.

Contact us here to speak with a member of our team to discuss how our skills and experience can help you meet your operational objectives.

Need something specific?

Comprehensive Welder Training

MSMK Training can provide different types of Welder training including  Theory and Practical and Welding processes : MIG/MAG 131,135, 138, TIG 141,MMA 111, SAW 121, FCAW 136 for Pipe and Plate welding. We can provide Bespoke Welder Training for your requirements or requirements of your projects, working individually or with the group of peoples.

Drawing from years of experience in engineering and manufacturing, our aim is to deliver training with immediate tangible benefits and meaningful feedback for both the individual and their line managers.

Proven Experience

Sample of the Welder Identity Card which welder will be issued  after passing his Welder Qualification test

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